Cuidad Perdida (The Lost City)


Deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern Colombia there is a very famous tourist trek for 4 days to Cuidad Perdida (The Lost City).  I decided to take a break off the bike and touch ground again, and it was very much worth it- I even made a new friend…


First off, it should be known that there isn’t really a “Lost City” as the name might imply.  It’s no Angkor Wat… there’s only a few stone mounds when you get to the top, and not much else.  With that info out of the way, now I can tell you it’s still great- amazing even!  The thing is you have to be into trekking; if you are, this is the journey for you.  The vistas and landscape are just breathtaking, and there are many times throughout the day where beautiful places to swim are abound.

IMAG0942  IMAG0933


You’ll take advantage of them too, as the heat & humidity left us sticky for the ENTIRE duration of the trip.  Seriously, there’s not too many times of the day where you can even dry your wet clothes, so during the 2 hour window when you’re having lunch, make a break for the laundry line-

At night you sleep in hammocks at rest stops where you have dinner and have access to some facilities, but mostly you’ll be drinking with your hiking group and trying to finish your dinner… I was worried that my appetite would overcome the food provided, but no chance- the heaps of rice, potatoes, yucca and fish/chicken put me in check.

When we finally did reach the “Lost City”, this is what we found:

IMAG0960 IMAG0961

Unfortunately we didn’t have much contact/conversation with the local Indigenous people of the Sierra Nevadas, but I did occasionally kick around an old futbol with local kids and have some fun.  Our guide Juan did have some conversations with us about their culture, and it is remarkable how remote they are able to keep themselves from the outside- it’s what kept them out of harm’s way from the Spaniards.