Climbing Cotopaxi


Looking out from the van on the way to the base of the mountain, a deep blue sky permeated above the fresh white peaks from the summit of the Volcano. I was in a group from my amazing countryside hostel in Cotopaxi; and 6 of us paid a bit extra so we could take mountain bikes back down to the starting point after our hike was done.

IMAG1413  IMAG1414

After we’d parked and started to climb, the loose gravel-y terrain started to slow our progress, and the altitude was making what appeared like a quick 1 hour hike into a bit more.  For those of you who haven’t hiked at 15000ft, you might start to have a mild headache, and have to stop moving to rest more often than you’re used to- not much else really.  (At least for me)  After we hit the tourist summit (the real summit requires a guide, equipment, and a lot more$), it was time for a photo-


The bone-jarring descent on the cheap mountain bikes we’d hired was good fun, just remember to tighten your brakes to the max!


One thought on “Climbing Cotopaxi

  1. Jaime Leiva

    What’s up buddy,
    where are you now? I can see you are having a lot of fun, make sure you write a book about your experiences when you come back. This is Epic.Take care and be safe.

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