Famed for its association with Pablo Escobar, Medellín was at one time one of the most dangerous cities in the world.  Times have changed though, and now Medellín is known for good weather, great nightlife, and at least when I was there; hosting the world cycling forum!


A great city for cyclists, Medellín is packed full of cycling lanes, bike culture, and a pristine metro system- the only one in Colombia.


My first adventure was during a day trip to the nearby Guatape lake region, where I experienced the most colorful town I’ve ever laid eyes on, and a strangely beautiful stone stairwell leading to the top of a small mountain, built smack into the side.


Some 700 steps later, the view was majestic-


I spent the day kayaking around lakes, eating grilled fish, and lost in a whirlwind of colors…


IMAG1096 IMAG1091  IMAG1088

I can definitely understand why Colombians consider it one of the best cities to live in after being there for a week; I could easily settle in to a life here 🙂 When you look up into the sky, this is what you might see…



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