One of the most beautiful historic cities I’ve ever seen, Cartagena lived up to all the guide-book hype and held me captive in its embrace of limonada de coco’s and gorgeous sunsets overlooking the Caribbean.


This shot was taken from Castillo San Felipe de Barajas (a.k.a “The Fort”), which protected the city from Pirates of the Caribbean… literally.   The audio guide brought me into the age of rich port cities, lepers (the fort had its’ own separate space for them), and the hard life of a soldier who had to spend his days under the harsh sun waiting for pirates to attack.

The old city itself is a walled fortress, but these days it serves as a tourist district.  The beautiful wooden balconies have hanging flowers that  stream down above your head, and dance in the strong breezes that arrive at dusk.

cartagena wooden balcony


At night the rum and aguardiente flow quickly, and soon the streets are packed with a crazy mix of tourists; ranging from young Aussies on gap year to retired couples in matching khaki travel pants trying to dance a foxtrot to salsa music.

The cafes, restaurants, and hotels here are undoubtedly high-class, especially a small Cuban one where the owner saw me cautiously rolling towards him on the old cobblestone streets, and invited me in for a free mojito. His humidor was legit-



I also had my first taste of a Colombian chain which I will now eat at whenever the opportunity is available… Crepes & Waffles.  The name sounded so cheezy at first, and I assumed they only served what their name implied- but after someone told me they had the best salads you can find in Colombia (which is quite rare on any menu in Colombia), I ended up eating there 3 times in a week-


Cartagena also has amazing street art & performers, both of which you can find in the neighborhood of Getsemani, just outside the old city.  Some of the best murals I’ve ever seen are strewn about the neighborhood, untagged and preserved beautifully.

getsemani mural

Lastly, with a bit of help, I finally got around to making a little clip of how to get on&off of my tallbike.  For those of you who haven’t seen it already…

*Thanks again Elsa and the random cop who helped us!


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