In transit from Bucaramanga to the Caribbean coast (550km), I was in the small town of Curumani for NYE.  Unsure where to go or what to do as I entered, I spotted a hospedaje (motel of sorts) where loud music was playing, and a large family were dancing and spraying each other with a hose.  As I sIowed down and honked my horn at them, they shouted and waved me over.  Soon I was drenched and dancing, and managed to keep my phone dry whilst filming this little clip…

Aguila after Aguila, the afternoon quickly disappeared into a haze of chicha (bootleg country booze), and roasted chicken plates that seemed to magically appear whenever I needed a boost-  I ran around all night shooting roman candles and cheering at the fireworks being shot off from random nearby rooftops…



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