Chicamocha Canyon


I’d been told by a few people that a bike tour wouldn’t be complete without visiting Chicamocha Canyon; the problem was I was 8 hours or more away with the sun setting on my left, and not much in the way of camp-able land in sight.  I luckily came upon a small town/truckstop, where a tow-truck driver asked about my bike as I rode by.  I u-turned and pulled up to his window; after a few bumbled sentences, Alex switched to his fluent English and offered me a ride to the National Park’s entrance, alongside his mother and father.   They were headed back to their family farm, which was in the next valley past the canyon I’d be camping out in.  The twists, turns, lack of shoulder, and blind spots were more than enough to convince me that I’d been saved from a tortuous ride.  I arrived to the entrance of the park after close, but Alex talked to park police and I was able to camp out for the night next their barracks-


I awoke at dawn to explore the canyon below, and munched on leftovers from dinner to this morning vista.  I spent the day hiking & jumping into the river, listening to the relaxing burble of nature playing its’ song as I kicked back against a perfectly shaped rock-


The next morning I woke up early, and took off with my gopro mounted, got some beautiful shots tearing down the switchbacks in the morning light- edited video coming soon!


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