I breathed signs of relief when I saw my baby creep out onto oversize baggage carousel; followed by a super-anxious cocker spaniel itching to take a piss.  With no noticeable damage, I heaved it onto a cart.  The beautiful and bemused attendant took a glance and undoubtedly asked “¿Qué es eso?”

She told me I could setup right there in baggage claim; so to work I went…



bogota airport tallike

Many a confused traveler and airport employee came by to take a look, and I did my best to explain that I’m riding this contraption through Colombia, and hopefully a few more countries of South America.  After a few hours of building, going through customs (I’m quite sure customs officials of Bogotà have never laughed so hard), I was mounting a 100lb beast on the same exit lane as all the cars and buses, merging onto the expressway in a light rain with fading sunlight I was scared; but after a few twists and turns, and asking about 5 people for directions, I finally made to my host’s apartment, about 15 miles away.

The next morning I supposed to meet a friend to do a bike tour of the city, and the office was in Candelaria; (the neighborhood I was staying in).  I stepped out of the apartment and started coasting downhill, when I saw a group of tourists on bikes in the middle of street.  I figured it was them, and started riding with them, the tour guide telling me I could pay a bit later.  Turns out there’s 5 or so of these groups near to where I was staying, and I’d just joined some random group!  Nevertheless it was fun, and I got to hangout at a coffee roasting factory and have the best cappuccino ever-

bogota bike tour

Went climbing the next day in countryside, and got obliterated by mosquitos; but it worth it-


This guy followed us from the train station after I threw him the bones from my amazing caldo de castilla

caldo de costillo

Caldos and Sopas (both soups, but different) -it was explained to me that Caldos have more a watery broth, while Sopas are a bit thicker and sometimes have veg mashed into the broth)

And there’s the famous Sopa de Bogota, Ajiaco-


I had this thrice at another host’s place (Juan)- His family was unbelievably welcoming, and I had a hard time pulling myself away from all the comfort to get out into wilderness He did capture a few much needed shots of me on the move; so this is what my rig really looks like!

IMG_2336  IMG_2316

Now I’m on the road for the next 8-9 days to Bucaramanga; farewell Bogotà!


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